Daily Blog #13Wrong People

You know that moment when you meet a person for the first time and just from their face you know that you are going to hate that person? You totally do.  I met one today, and I am not going into details because this blog is about insanity and not my inner problems ( just kidding it is). This kind of moments make me feel terrible because I feel that I shouldn’t hate that person for the way they are, but I still do, and then, of course, something happens to justify this thought, but it probably is my own self, looking for those terrible details. And as it is with wrong people, I don’t want to spend time around that person and I also recommend that you spend less time with people who feel wrong.


Daily Blog #12 Lost

I am not going to talk about me being lost, or the TV series Lost, I just picked that title because it could be taken as a sign that I am damaged, and there being a lot of damaged people in the world would in return give me more views, so yes click bait, and I don’t even feel sorry about it. We lost times when click bait was not a thing ,  I lost an inner battle of giving this post a click bait name, it’s just lost all around when it comes to clicking bait. let’s hope that one-day click bait will be lost, but  until then watch out for images with boobs, cute cats, yogin, thin women, long(er) phallic objects, good-looking food, numbers and the assumption that one will cause you disbelief and so on and so on.

Daily Blog #11 Rehearsals

Rehearsing is weird, it’s a kind of floating state between doing something and not doing that specific thing at all because you are distracted by others. It’s fun how you actually get better at something by simply practicing it with others, and by that, I mean joking along with others about how you are going to inevitably fail and become laughing stoke for generations to come.  So rehearsals are fun for what they are worth.

Daily Blog #10 Weekends

I hate weekends, and I also love them, and no this is not a sign that I am bipolar because I hate them and I love them for the same reason. From as long as I can remember weekends have always been the days you spend laying in bed, and that I did. And I kept wasting them, and I kept wasting them, and I loved it, after all, they were specifically created for this right ? No, they weren’t, and that was a lesson I learned after a lot of time. Of course, you now expect me to write about how I changed this attitude, and here I will disappoint you, I didn’t because if I did , this article would be called 5 ways to fix your weekends. So here I am, hating and loving weekends, hating them because I waste them and loving them because I waste them, and I don’t know how to fix this, but I know one thing, some time of my life will be wasted anyway, so it’s okay to waste some time and not to hate yourself for it.

Daily Blog # 9- Me Lazy, Me Cat

Lazy time in bed is very important to me if I do not waste at least 5 minutes of my precious time on this Earth, laying in bed and doing nothing than that day is considered  dull. In this regard, I am very cat-like, and if the Buddhists are right my previous reincarnation was totally a cat. Also while I waste time in bed I can day dream or just fall asleep and dream, so many choices. Find time in your day to just look out of the window whilst  seating comfortably in an armchair, or a rocking one if available. And this is all on my laziness and my positive attitude towards it.

Daily Blog #7

Noises that accidents create are tiresome after a day of wasting away time. Okay, I am quite tired and I am writing this low-quality lines just to keep this daily blog, truly daily. So, time is moving forward, but I am not going to say anything that is connected with time because I consumed that topic yesterday.  Cold weather is not something interesting enough to be mentioned here, and if I were to talk about weather it would be horrible. Searching for subjects is also kind of lazy and I feel like I am doing it right now and my guess is not wrong. Anyway ,  bye.